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Searching for the best mortgage broker Auckland residents count on? The housing market across New Zealand's most populous city and beyond presents unique dynamics, opportunities, and challenges. With the guidance of specialized local experts at Infinity Loans South Auckland mortgage broker, you can confidently navigate the process. Our highly qualified team brings together over four decades of collective real estate and finance experience. We provide personalized mortgage solutions tailored to the needs of Auckland homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate investors.

Refinancing Your Home

Best Mortgage Services

We provide personalized mortgage solutions tailored to the needs of Auckland homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate investors.

Infinity Loans

Why Work With Us ?

As the best mortgage home loan broker Auckland homebuyers turn to, Infinity Loans stands out for our commitment to clients. We aim to make financing stress-free through understanding, transparency, and service with a personal touch.

Local Expertise

With an in-depth understanding of the Auckland property landscape, we guide clients through every aspect of the mortgage process. Our Mortgage Broker Auckland’s advisor stays current on the latest market trends, prices, planning regulations, and more. They know the ins and outs of diverse neighbourhoods across the metro area. Infinity Loans, a best Mortgage Broker Auckland and South Auckland, simplifies the requirements for business loans for new businesses, residual loans, and home loan requirements in NZ, including the Welcome Home Loan, making it a reliable Auckland mortgage company.

Customer Focus

Infinity Loans prioritizes open communication and accessibility. We schedule extensive consultations, answering all client questions in detail. Ongoing updates ensure customers stay informed during every phase, from application through closing. Get to know of Mortgage advisor Auckland for each customer’s unique financial situation, lifestyle, and goals. This allows us to offer excellent guidance while customers retain control over all decisions. We aim to establish long-term relationships spanning future real estate and financing needs.

Range of Offerings

Our South Auckland mortgage broker portfolio includes diverse home loan solutions. With expertise across loan types and property situations, we build customized packages to suit each customer’s objectives.

Loan options we arrange include:

  • First home buyer loans
  • Standard variable and fixed rate loans
  • Alt-doc and full-doc loans
  • Construction loans
  • Investment property loans
  • Refinancing
  • And more

Our Specialized Services

Mortgage Services

From those buying or building their first home to real estate investors and more, we provide mortgage solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Home Loans

Securing home loans in Auckland relies on an in-depth assessment of your financial status, budget, lifestyle factors, and timeline. Our Mortgage Broker Auckland Advisor uses their extensive knowledge of loan products and underwriting to match you with appropriate options. Which helps you get a fast business loan in New Zealand. We negotiate with banks and lenders on your behalf, leveraging our relationships to access exclusive rates and terms. Guidance continues through signing, keeping you on track towards your move-in date. We understand the distinct process challenges and opportunities for experienced investors or those purchasing a second home.

Construction Loans

If you plan to build a home in Auckland, specialized construction loans NZ specialists arrange to streamline the complex process. By leveraging our developer relationships, we help you gain necessary council consents and approvals efficiently. With financing in place before the first excavator digs, you avoid cash flow issues. We work closely with your builder to orchestrate drawdowns and ensure adequate access to funds through each phase, from dirt turning to handover. Investors benefit from our development expertise as well.


Interest rate fluctuations, lifestyle changes, and shifting priorities provide good reasons for existing homeowners to revisit their mortgages. Refinancing can allow you to access equity or cash flow for renovations, lower payments to fit a new budget, consolidate higher-interest debts, and more. Our Best Mortgage Broker Auckland advisor thoroughly reviews your current loan and new offerings that may better align with your situation. We manage the application and approval process to make switching lenders or renegotiating terms simply. You avoid frustrations and benefit from our strong bank relationships.

Investment Property Loans

Real estate investors have distinct priorities and requirements when financing Auckland properties. Our specialized investment property loans enable you to capitalize on opportunities efficiently while managing the risk. We structure loan terms and access competitive rates based on your short- and long-term investment strategies. With the expertise to handle everything from selecting the ideal entity and deposit strategy to tax considerations, Infinity Loans sets investors up for success.

Our Services

Loan Solutions For Every Step

Unlock new possibilities at every step of your financial journey.

Asset Finance

We can get you Asset finance for Vehicle, Truck finance, or other business Asset finance from New Zealand’s Leading Bank and Lenders. We strive to get you the best interest for your business vehicle or replacing your fleet, purchasing machinery and more. We work with business owners to understand their business need and help to […]

Speed up Your Prosperity with Fast Business Loans NZ

Secure Your Fast Business Loan in New Zealand Is it true that you are a business person with enormous dreams but insufficient cash to make them a reality? We are your persevering partner, focused on offering convenient and particular business credits to meet your particular necessities. Our motivation is clear: to assist organizations with enjoying […]

Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is backed by a commercial property such as a retail shop, an office building, or an industrial warehouse. Documentation Needed for a Commercial Loan You will need the following documents to secure a commercial loan. A copy of the Lease Agreement between you and the leasing company. This lease agreement should state […]

Construction Loans NZ: Simplifying the Financing Process

Bricks & Bills: Conquer Construction Loans New Zealand Building your own house may be an exciting experience since you can customize every element to your preferences and needs. However, taking on such a project needs thorough planning, which includes knowing the expenses and the paperwork necessary for loan approval. Expense in construction is a huge […]




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Our Process

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Before moving into your new home, there are several steps you’ll need to complete. Don’t worry,
Infinity Loans is here to walk you through the process.


Consulting the Adviser

The first step of home buying is contacting a trusted mortgage adviser like Infinity Loans to establish your borrowing capacity. Your purchasing limit is based on your income, living expenses, fixed commitments, and other financial factors. During this process, we will give you an indication of the max loan and ideal bank.



The second step is getting pre-approved. We will work closely with you during this process to gather all the information required. Then we will submit your application to your preferred bank and determine your pre-approved lending amount.


Finding the Perfect Property

The third step is finding a suitable property. Once you’ve found the home of your dreams within your pre-approval amount, we will check with the bank if the property is acceptable by the bank as a security.


Sale & Purchase Agreement

Once we get the green light from your bank, you can sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement for the property. We recommend including a conditional offer as you will need some time to get an appraisal and check if the property best suits your needs. Your solicitor will also need to sign off on the title or other potential legal clauses under the Sale and Purchase Agreement.


Unconditional Contract

As soon as a bank and seller sign off on the property, you can advise your solicitor to confirm to the vendor that the contract is unconditional. This process may take 5-10 working days.


Settlement Date

The final step is Settlement Day. You can choose to change the ownership of the property to your name. We will meet you before the Settlement Day to discuss the ideal mortgage structure, best-negotiated rates, and potential cash offer so that we will be prepared for the big day.

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